Scottish people are called Scots. Things from Scotland are called Scottish, not Scotch, which refers solely to the drink.
Belted Galloway: This distinctively marked, hardy breed of beef cattle originated in the Galloway area of south-western Scotland Nicknamed the “Oreo Cookie Cow, they are the oldest breed of beef cattle in Britain. ” They have a thick hide and a waterproof coat that protects them from adversities. They are raised in coarse grasslands in the Southwest regions of Scotland
There are three Scottish place names which contain only two letters-Oa, Ae, and Bu
Many of the tea plantations in India were developed by Scots.
By the late 1800s Thomas Lipton controlled 10% of the world tea trade. Lipton was born in a Gorbals tenement and emigrated to America when he was 15. He returned to Glasgow five years later and opened his first grocers shop. Soon he had expanded into a chain of shops and he was a millionaire by the time he was 30. Much of his fortune was spent unsuccessfully competing for the Americas Cup, the premier sailing trophy.
The Lincoln Monument in Edinburgh's Old Carlton Cemetery was the first statue of an American president to be constructed outside the US
Carrying a bagpipe was considered to be as much a crime as carrying arms during the Jacobite rebellion, it was classified an "instrument of war"
Scotland's pubs raise over £8 million per year for local charities and community causes.

Highland Cattle are an old breed known to have grazed the rugged Scottish landscape since the sixth century.

Loch Lomond is Britain's' largest fresh water lake, 23 miles long and one and a half to five miles wide. There are 24 islands on it.

There are 8 types of tartan

Chief's Dress Sett...worn by the chief and members of his/her family.

The Clan Tartan...worn by members of the clan.

The Hunting Tartan...Fall colors worn by members of the clan

Mourning Setts...self explanatory.

District Setts...regional, worn by anyone in that region.

The Womens Sett...usually black and white colors.

The Royal Stewart and Blackwatch are free tartans which may be worn by anyone

It is appropriate for all subjects of the Queen to wear the Royal Stewart tartan

In 1969 the U.S. astronaut Alan Bean, an American Scot carried a square metre of the MacBeath (MacBean) tartan with him on his historic Apollo XII space mission to the moon.
The Guinness Book of Records shows that the tallest Scotsman and the tallest "true" giant was Angus Macaskill. Born on the island of Berneray off the island of Harris in 1825, Macaskill was 7ft 9in (2.36m) tall. He was also strong, reputedly able to lift a hundredweight (50kg) with two fingers and hold it at arms length for ten minutes. He died on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, in 1863. A cairn on Berneray commemorates him.

The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse developed in and deriving its name from the district in Scotland where it was founded. Its type was evolved by the farmers of Lanarkshire, through which the River Clyde flows. The old name for Lanarkshire is Clydesdale.

Before the 19th century tartans were not used in the identification of clans in Scotland. The plant badge that the men wore would tell the Scotsman's clan loyalties.
The Scots were the tallest race in Europe, according to the 1909 Census. But the carnage of WW1 changed that. By the 1930s, the average height of men in Scotland had been reduced by 9 inches.
The blue paint that Pictish, and later the Scottish warriors wore in battle was a hallocinogen. It was was the mold from rye.
The first kilts were worn by the Irish not the Scottish. However, many of the Irish moved to Scotland (Alba) and they brought their clothing with them.
Scotland is the only country in the world. that Coca cola is not the best selling soft drink. Irn Bru made by the Barr Company i s the best selling soft drink
Reptiles---the only snake found in Scotland is the adder
Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have its own fire service
Census---the first government census took place in Scotland in 1801.

Sheep theft is still legally a hangable offence in Scotland.

There are more pipe bands in America than in Scotland
The word "whisky" or "whiskey" is derived from the Gaelic uisge breatha meaning "water of life."
The original name of Scotland was Caledonia.

Scotland includes 787 islands, of which most belong to groups known as the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland but only 62 are over 3 square miles