I have wanted to go to Scotland since I was 16.  As a child I loved to listen to the Scottish brogue of my Great Great Aunt Catherine.  The more I got interested in genealogy the more my desire grew.

In April, 1999 while looking for help on ICQ  in researching my family , I met Johnny McGill from Newarthill Scotland.  It wasn't long before we became "best buds".  Johnny was glad to share his pride in his Scottish heritage. Through  dialogue on ICQ while visiting the same website, Johnny guided me through museums and battlefields, mountains and glens.  As we listened to Scottish folk music, Johnny would "interpret" some of the words for me.  I became prouder and prouder of my Scottish blood. 

We exchanged pictures and family news , I got to know Johnny's wife Liz, daughter Debbie, sons Scott and Garry; Johnny knew my family as well.  I was introduced to Johnny's life long friend Hughie McLernon (also from Newarthill) and his son John.  Through them I got to know Hughie's wife Anne and daughter Jeanette.  Recently I have met Hughie's friend Chic from Carfin.

The surprise of my life came in June 2001 when my husband Jerold said he would give me my trip to Scotland!  Needless to say I was so excited about getting to met my dear, dear friend Johnny. But the Lord had other plans...Johnny succumbed to multiple myeloma cancer on December 18, 2001.  At first I thought that I would not take my trip, but after talking to Liz , Debbie and Hughie I decided Johnny would not want that...he would not want to be the reason for me NOT seeing Scotland.

I have spent a lot of time in research for my trip, to keep from packing too soon.

My friend Nancy in Alabama had introduced me to Highland Games when she invited me to the Jasper Highland Games in 2000.  In searching for the REAL thing in Scotland I came across The Scotland Highland Games forum.  I think I am the only woman on this forum!  The guys have been so nice and I am now planning on being at the Shotts Games on June 1st. Hopefully I will be meeting some of my new friends from the forum there.