As my trip gets closer and closer, and the terrorist warnings get more and more frequent, several have asked if I am afraid.   I know there are several that are planning trips for the summer and fall and perhaps we can help each other...or strengthen each other.
A lady came into the office yesterday, said she thought of me when she heard the warnings from the State Dept and the Dept of Homeland Security.  She asked if I was going to cancel my trip.  My mother in law is scared to death for me... an asthmatic woman traveling alone on a airplane!!!!! ....to a "foreign" country!!!!!

 If you were to ask me last year, before I knew I was going on this trip, I would have said, "Oh YES, I am afraid of flying!"  The last time I was on a plane was about 25 years ago.  The taking off and landing were the worse.  I had the oxygen pointed right at me.  I had the feeling I was going to pass out.  The same feeling I got when my family convinced me to get on the flume ride at Opryland Park.  The same feeling I get when they try to hook me up to an I.V .   It is very unpleasant, to put it mildly.

I have wanted to go to Scotland since I was 16 and became interested in my "roots"  Last August, when Jerold (my wonderful husband) said that if I still wanted to go he would support my trip, I jumped at the chance.  Go to Scotland?? OF COURSE?? Then it hit me...I would have to FLY...and over an OCEAN!  The fear lasted about 5 seconds... I am going to SCOTLAND!!!.  My desire to go to Scotland outweighed my fears of flying.


I have asked some friends to give me suggestions on preparing for flying.  If you have anything you want to add please email me.

From Dan and Donita Giallombardo  Cary Illinois

Bring a book which you find to be engrossing. You will have lots of time to read. Additionally, Donita always finds it better to sit by a window. For some reason she finds it easier to fall asleep. I sit by the window, I look out the window. And yes, that does include flying over the water. I like to see what's out there. Also, watch what you eat prior to flying. Eat food high in protein, and avoid carbs as much as possible without depriving yourself of food - this will help you fly. On the way back, reverse the process, more carbs and protein - and you should avoid "jet lag" as well. Some may want to take Dramamine and a sleeping pill and dose on the aircraft.


I have tried not to think about it for the past 9 months. Hiding my head in the sand?  Yep!!!  I have concentrated on the fun I am going to have, the people I am going to meet, the places I am going to see. When the fear sneaks in, I PRAY and  BELIEVE .
I believe that God is still in control and that He never makes a mistake.  If you want
 to know what I believe please click on the strawberries.

I have always been strong willed. I have always liked a challenge.  I have taught myself to be a painter, a florist, and now a web designer.
If I couldn't conquer it myself I found someone to teach me.  Getting on an airplane and flying over the ocean is a challenge.  Doing it in the
aftermath of September 11th makes the challenge a tad harder.  But I am DETERMINED.  I have wanted to see Scotland for a long time.  A dream I never thought would come true.   But, Lord Willing, on May 29th I will be on an airplane, going to Scotland.   No fear of flying or a bunch of radical, senseless terrorists are going to stand in my way.  I have FAITH in My God and in My Country.

I know that this will sound trite but I truly believe it.  When it is my time to leave here...it is my time to leave.  No one will be able to prevent that.  It is in His loving hands.  However if it is my fate, to depart this earth soon I ask one thing Dear Lord.....Can you wait until AFTER my stay in Scotland.

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