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One of the biggest differences between my upbringing and Jerold's is the food we were brought up on. 
Now you wouldn't think there would be that much difference
...boy, did I find out the hard way.

The first time I ate at my in-laws, I was 3 months pregnant.  Jerold and I had driven from upstate New York.  My system was out of whack to begin with but I thought I would die before I got back home.  

Now, I am not telling you anything
that the family hasn't heard before.

"Seasoning?... Oh yes, I use seasonings!"
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But I have never used that one...
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Things my Mother-in-law thinks are strange about
my food likes:

I like cooked beets, served hot with butter.

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I like beet greens.  When you thin the beets in the garden, the greens you pull have little tiny beets on them..M-m-m- Good!

I had never seen so many varieties of peas and beans! I had eaten English peas and Crowders; in fact  I like raw English peas. I also like frozen English peas, thawed but not cooked on salads.   I now cook purple hull peas and black-eyed peas but I cook them "semi-crunchy" and then cook the rest mushy for Jerold. 

                         I don't make cornbread!!!
When I was a kid my Mother would bake cornbread in a baking pan.  She used yellow cornmeal and  sugar in the recipe.  It was cut into squares and served hot with lots of butter.  It was a special treat!
The first meal with my in-laws:  Susie says she is making cornbread.  "Oh my," I thought, " A special treat!"  In a bit she pulls out a big black cast iron skillet.  She immediately flips it out on to a plate.  "What's that?" I asked.   Susie still laughs about that to this day!!  But I had never seen cornbread like that!!   Then, to add to my embarrassment, I  learned that she made it for EVERY meal!!!

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