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I have lived over half my life in the South; 10 years in Florida and 19 years here in Mississippi. Yet, I still am asked, "Where are you FROM?" All I have to do is say "Hello" and right away, "You're not from here, are you?" Now I think I sound Southern!  I don't sound as Northern as I did anyway.

 But there are certain words I just can't say "Southern-style"

These are DAFFODILS!

My Sweet Mother-in-Law Susie, has a gorgeous
    collection of these spring flowers in her yard.
  She insists on calling them
and I insist on calling them
She is not going to change
...and neither am I.


These are Buttercups where I came from. 
We use them "scientifically" to see if you REALLY like butter!

Susie, as well as many others here,
do not agree with the way I say the
name of this flower.   PEONY...
Susie says "Pe-Oh-nee"
and I say "PE-ah-nee"

One of my favorite pharmacists is Ed Arnold at Smith Drugs in Rienzi.   I remember the first time Ed said, "Need a sack to tote that in?"

Now, in my Northern mind's eye, I see....

"Toting a sack"

I politely told him that all I needed was
"a bag to carry" the stuff in.

A Southern Word (?) phrase(?)
that is perfect:


New Yorkers are accused of saying,
"Yous Guys"...
maybe if you are from Brooklyn!
But I am from UPSTATE New York

and we say "You Guys".

I must admit that I say "Y'all" but I write "All of you".



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