"The Dreaded Haggis"

 The Top 20 Failed Haggis Marketing Ploys

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"The age-old tradition of Haggis Hurling originates from the first Scottish Clan gatherings. A forgotten sport for many decades it has seen a resurgence in recent years."

Globetrotting Haggis

Hilary McNally takes a look at the growing popularity of Scotlandís most famous dish and tries her hand at a Burns-style poetic tribute.


These Haggi from :


 A Veggie Haggis for a Burns' Night Feast!
The Recipe!!!

"Bagpipes are said to emulate the mating cry of the male wild Haggis and are used like a duck call when hunting Haggis"
Taste of Scotland

A Few Oats Shy of a Haggis

A collection of original and traditional Celtic songs and tunes.

"It was the haggis, a brownish lump sitting unobtrusively to one side of the plate, that drew the most riveting attention. ... Some people approached their haggis with extreme misgivings."

Tom Knapp, on a traditional Scottish dinner

You can even buy this magnificent chess piece, dedicated to
The Haggis
at the Cornerstone Gallery


"Mmmm, the Haggis and Blood Pudding section of the Scottish supermarket. It's like a Scottish hot-dog; scoop up all the stuff off the floor at the butchers and stuff it in a sheep's stomach - gooooood eating! "
  From Doug and Melody's European Adventure

  I love these guys!!  They are counted cross stitch patterns from
Hamish Haggis

Scottish Haggis Anagram

By Kay Glasgow

I tried haggis at the Jasper Alabama Highland Games in April, 2000 . 

It was not a good experience. 

  About to try it........                         tasting it.......
   Trying to swallow it!!!!

My Scottish friends said that I didn't give it a chance...that I need to try it when I get the Scotland...try the REAL thing.
Hmmmmmmm   will have to think about that.

The great Scotsman Haggis Hunt is under way!

 The Golden Haggis


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