After checking in and "toting" all those suitcases to our room, Hughie left to pick up Anne at work .  Chic took us on a tour around Lanarkshire, through Bellside, Dalserf, Rosebank, Crossford, Hazelbank, New Lanark and Lanark.

We turned off the main road at Dalserf and got some wonderful pictures.  It was like going back in time.  For more pictures and information about Dalserf, please visit DALSERF VILLAGE
The walled street, from the church back to the main road.



  The pictures do not do justice to the clematis vine growing on the corner of one of the houses.


  The sign on this door says
Dalserf Parrish Church
The Meeting Place



    The row of quaint houses were so pretty with the flowers in every spot available.  





The church at the end of the narrow
Background: Lanarkshire Tartan  World Register 2502


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Tartans and information about tartan found at TARTANS OF SCOTLAND