We arrived at Glasgow Airport, tired but excited about the adventure ahead of us. With our luggage on 3 carts, we immerged into the lobby where Bridget, Chic and Hughie were waiting.  For Pauline it was emotional, seeing "family" again. Jane and Rosa were greeted with much enthusiasm and felt at home right away.

               Chic and Hughie were in KILTS !!!!!

" If I had the ability to choose brothers, Chic and Hughie would be the 2.  Although I am the oldest... these 2 are my "Big Brothers".   Pauline






"People, PEOPLE, get it together!!     Need a picture here."

The pictures above were taken across the street from our B& B, the Charing Cross House.  A very nice place at 310 Renfrew Street, just 2 blocks from Sauchiehall Street.  The staff was so accommodating and friendly. 
 Ok, now everyone smile!

Chic, Hughie, Bridget, Rosa and Jane

Taken by Pauline from across the street from out B & B



This picture was taken from the Charing Cross web site....before the flowers were planted.

Click Here to visit their website


Background: Glasgow Celtic Society Tartan....World Register #594


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Tartans and information about tartan found at TARTANS OF SCOTLAND