Three Grannies In Scotland

This is the story of 3 Grandmothers from Mississippi who left family and friends at home and spent 2 weeks in Scotland

                                  From left to right:  Pauline, Jane and Rosa
Pauline's son Scott is married to Jane's daughter Melissa, thus they are Nana and Mimi to 2 granddaughters, Taylor Beth and Elly.  Rosa is a friend of Pauline's and Jane's and is the grandmother of 2 twin granddaughters, Amber and Autumn

Our journey started on Monday July 7. 2004.  We were finally on our way to Nashville TN to catch a plane to Toronto, Ontario. Canada where we were to board a plane to GLASGOW SCOTLAND.  The Air Canada flight left Nashville late.  So late in fact, that there was no way we would make connections in Toronto.  However, on this flight, also trying to make connects to Glasgow were 34 high school students and their advisors.  That made 40 passengers that had to get on that Glasgow bound plane.   Air Canada held the flight and when we arrived in Toronto, all of us were rushed through all the gates with our own guides and security personnel on alert  so no one or thing would impede us.

Around noon, (Scotland time)  Tuesday July 8th  TOUCH DOWN IN GLASGOW

June 8  Glasgow Page 1
Page 2
June 9  Touring Glasgow
June10 Touring Glasgow
June 11 Stirling and Stirling Castle
June 12  Loch Lomand  
 Village of Luss  
Auchindrain Folk Museum
June 13  Traveling around Loch Ness Page 1  
Page 2
June 14  The Rainy Train Ride on The Jacobite Steam Train
June 15 Going to Golspie
Inside Castle
June 16
June 17
June 18
June 19
June 20
June 21
June 22  
Tartans and information about tartan found at TARTANS OF SCOTLAND

Background: American Bicentennial Tartan
From an idea put forward by Mr J.C.Thomson in 1974, to have an identifying tartan for American St Andrews and Caledonian Societies. Where the lighter stripes cross each other in the dark blue, there is an effect of the Stars of the American flag. The thirteen alternate red and white stripes appear in the full sett of the tartan. TARTANS OF SCOTLAND